#043 The Sandborn

The Sandborn

I have been a fan of Game of Thrones TV series. The house of Martell caught me with their fascinating costumes. I have bought goodies to make myself one of the sand snakes and I am happy with it. I mixed and matched an old gacha and stuff from other fairs. I hope you will enjoy my GoT inspired look!

Hair: Blues. Allie – Naturals 2 @ K U S T O M 9
Nose: .Keystone. Annyn Nose Chains (Wayward Hunt April 2015)
Dress: Storybook – Venom – Sand @ The Conquest
Pants: ALEGRIA Penumbra Down Brown Silver S (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2015)
Necklace: [Fetch] Wayward Necklace – My Lover’s Blood
Armlets/Bracelets: [BODY FACTORY] Daz Bracelet (Brown) @ The Fantasy Collective
Left Leg: [BODY FACTORY] Legend Knife Holster (Brown) @ The Fantasy Collective
Boots: ::{kinki}:: Darkside Chic Boots (Brown) (Outfit)


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