#068 The Sea Warrior

The Sea Warrior

Today I am portraying a very special avatar. This is quite unique, a Jelly Mer. You have to check out the Enchantment, the theme is based on all time favorite “The Little Mermaid.” I am using this unique style because I love to explore and try new stuff in SL, not just being a human avatar. In second life, we can always expand our greatest fairytale fantasies. I hope you like it!

Hair: +Spellbound+ Sirena // Chapter III : Magic @ Enchantment
Eyes: antielle. Mermaid Eyes (Hunt Gift) @ Enchantment
Top: *BOOM* Atlantean Shells (seahorse)
Bottom: [D]oki – Jelly Mer @ Enchantment

*SL* Athena Mask Gacha – Sweet Lies Box 8 RARE @ FGC
*SL* Athena Shield & Lance Gacha – Sweet Lies Box 7 RARE @ FGC
{L} Fresh Kelp; Nibbles (Mouth) @ Enchantment


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