#088 The Wicked Truth

The Wicked Truth

A Spellbinding truth is here! Muted Coven @ Collabor88. Are you a fan of American Horror Story: Coven? Collabor88’s finest designers on the grid is here to serve you a wicked experience! Don’t miss out a lot of stuff  from The Arcade as well, there is a perfect collaboration with some exclusives from there!

Hair: [Atomic] Hair // LittleCoven // Glamorous @ Collabor88
Dress: Foxes – The Craft – Leather @ Collabor88

(Yummy) Gold Septum Rings – Ethereal @ The Arcade
(Yummy) Pentagram Pendant – Gold  – Grey @ Collabor88
Second Spaces – Coven Hall Stand – purple – full @ Collabor88
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Gold RARE @ The Arcade
03/.a. DIY Love Potion – Ingredients shelf @ The Arcade
05/.a. DIY Love Potion – Books @ The Arcade
06/.a. DIY Love Potion – Table {Brown} @ The Arcade
09/.a. DIY Love Potion – For the Paramour @ The Arcade
10/.a. DIY Love Potion – Candles and Hourglass @ The Arcade


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