#089 Life as a Shroom

Life as a Shroom

SHROOM set vendor gachaHere’s what I can say about mushrooms. Every living thing has a story, From Mother Nature, to wild animals, to plants, to humans. This is a story of a Shroom. Come to the Kawaii Project on September 15 and experience “I Am Nature” this round! I am showcasing some of the Gacha products from Cubic Cherry for the event.

Avatar: 01 {SHROOM!} avatar .::Cubic Cherry ::. RARE comes with texture HUD (I am Pink)

03 {SHROOM!} yay B .::Cubic Cherry::.
05 {SHROOM!} yay D .::Cubic Cherry::.
07 {SHROOM!} my acorn .::Cubic Cherry::.
08 {SHROOM!} falling .::Cubic Cherry::.
09 {SHROOM!} together .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
10 {SHROOM!} mushrooms A .::Cubic Cherry::.
12 {SHROOM!} acorns A .::Cubic Cherry::.


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