#106 Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead

Are you having a nightmare? Don’t miss the Totally Top Shelf event. The theme is Survive or Die. It could be your nightmare & survival. You won’t regret what you get from the event so hurry and TP now while it’s still open!

Hair: *AP* Mania – Bloody White *Hunt Gift* @ The Nightmare
Eyes: *TSM* Fright Night Eyes [System] – Void @ TTS
Dress: ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Chindi S {Phantom} @ TTS
Face Tattoo: Suicide Gurls– Bleak Face Tattoo – W/o red nose & freckles – Fresh @ TTS
Hands: Suicide Gurls – Rage Nails & Gloves (Elegant1 Slink Hands Only) @ TTS

AZOURY – Gaia Crown @ TTS
{CHO} faceband CRIMSON  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ TTS
::TI:: Bloody Septum & Ear Plugs @ TTS
::B&C:: Hecate Shoulders (Unrigged) *Hud Operated* @ TTS
-SECRETS- Dermal Little Bat (Modifiable) @ TTS

Pose: *Eternal Dream* Survive or Die 06 @ TTS


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