#127 The Doctor’s Game

The Doctor's Game

Take a peak of The Gacha Garden on its 2nd round this month of November! The event will start on November 1, 2015 and ends on November 30, 2015. Be ready and save it in your calendar for you only have to wait for 1 day! (all items are from the event.)

Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Eden. (Fatpack)
Dress: FDD Stories *Kimmie* Dress Black2 RARE
Shoes: MIAMAI_Betsy smiles pumps – red (Slink medium)

*katat0nik* (black hat) Plague Doctor Gacha
*katat0nik* (white mask) Plague Doctor Gacha
*katat0nik* (red cane) Plague Doctor Gacha
*katat0nik* (white dr ghost) Plague Doctor Gacha
*HEXtraordinary* Black Meowl – RARE
FDD Stories *Kimmie* Clutch v3

Home & Deco:
{RW} Steampunk Banded Table
{RW} Steampunk Gear Stool
{RW} Steampunk Sweets & Treats
{RW} Steampunk Checkers
{RW} Steampunk Decorated Coffee Cup
{RW} Steampunk Cocoa Cup
{RW} Steampunk Pillar Candle
{RW} Steampunk Candle


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