#128 The Occult Class

The Occult Class

Learn how to craft potions and cast your spells. Secondlife’s SaNaRae Event on its 2nd round is still running and you have until November 18! Get these stuff before the go to the vault! Some of the products will no longer be available after the event! (All items shown are from SaNaRae Event)

Hair: .EMBW. Mirima Hair .RARE A
Dress: (MORAN) Autumn ribbon dress : 02 Ssize
Shoes: *miwa’s airship* Magic cat Platforms #13

*GFD* ~ My Chocker ‘Occulto’ – SHADOW [S]
*miwa’s airship* Magic cat Backpack RARE 1

Home & Deco:
[Toiz] occult blackboard
[Toiz] school desk
[Toiz] school chair
[Toiz] occult locker
Kalopsia – Blood Magic Evil Skull
Kalopsia – Blood Magic Book
*N*Tarot Reading Kitty – 1 EN
*N*Tarot Reading Kitty – 2 EN
[BOXCAR] Old Books
[BOXCAR] Old Scrolls
[BOXCAR] Crystal Ball
[BOXCAR] Witches Box
[BOXCAR] Mortar and Pestle


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