#149 The Ornament

The Ornament

So I wanted to be silly this Christmas. This is one of a kind. The Arcade, Fairplay, and all other events are bringing you a Christmas theme this December as we are all excited to celebrate!

Hair: Lamb. Dust Bunnies – ROYGBIV Pack @ The Arcade
Outfit: *IO* Miss Bauble (Headpiece, Chestpiece, Corset, Skirt, & Panties included) @ Fair Play
Shoes: Ingenue :: Alma Boots :: Hunter @ The Arcade

Le Coq D’or -Dark magic earring – Gift @ Fair Play
.PoshTale. Bal Jewelry Set @ Fair Play

Home & Deco:
[LJ] Dollie Days @ The Arcade
[LJ] Dollie Days – Claus Playset – Christmas Tree
[LJ] Dollie Days – Mr. Claus
[LJ] Dollie Days – Mrs. Claus
[LJ] Dollie Days – Tommy Snow
[LJ] Dollie Days – Jilly Snow
[LJ] Dollie Days – Claus Playset – Rosie the Elf
[LJ] Dollie Days – Claus Playset – Greenie the Elf
[LJ] Dollie Days – Pigeon Street Playset – Street Lamp
[LJ] Dollie Days – Pigeon Street Playset – Bench
[LJ] Dollie Days – Snowtime Playset – Snowdrift


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