#180 A Dark Valentine

A Dark Valentine

It’s almost the second week of The Gacha Garden‘s opening! Don’t miss it while it’s still open and the seeds of inspirations are still up for you to get! Play 20 pulls from a machine, and they will give you a special item exclusive for this round only! (All the products are from the event except the Corset.)

Hair: AD – entwined 2 – LIGHT BLONDES – RARE
Violent Seduction – Antoinette Corset (White) @ The Kawaii Project
Violent Seduction – Antoinette Pasties @ The Kawaii Project

:::ChicChica::: Queen of Hearts Gold
Meva Amya Necklace 2 golden RARE
Meva Amya Ring left golden
Meva Amya Bangles

{{C.H}}-No.20 – Photography background pose-black
{{C.H}}-No.2 – black – cage decoration
{{C.H}}-No.3 – black – cage decoration
{{C.H}}-No.6 – black – Cage candlestick
{{C.H}}-No.15 – Cage black sofa
{L} Fox Statue; Stone


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