#220 Spoiled Sugar

Spoiled Sugar

Oh I know you want that sugar in your mouth yet you feel guilty about it. Secondlife won’t give you diabetes. Indulge in before you go to bed and sleep like a Princess. All items are from the event SaNaRae. Details are shown below.

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kiyoko hair-Fatpack
Dress: Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } T-Shirt Pink

Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Headbow Pink
Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Kneepads Pink

[P] Pillows: Girls Days, Bed RARE
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Oval Rug
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Coffee Table
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Mirror
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Cupcake
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Delights
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Cookies
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Macaroons
[P] Pillows: Girls Day, Shoes Decor
[P] Pillows: Girls Days, Chair


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