#227 The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer

Sometimes we think we are hungry in SL even though it’s a virtual world, but hey, satisfy your needs and grab all these stuff from The Gacha Garden event. You will never regret what you will get!

Hair: Doe: Plum (solid)
Bikini: [ parfait. ] Summer Fun Minikini .pinku shima. RARE NT

..::ILLI::.. Salmon Kitty Sunglasses
ToddleTeeZ – Pudding Cups – Delight RARE
ToddleTeeZ – Pudding Cups {Spoon} Adult
Kei’s Strawberry Bus Stop
Kei’s Fruit Table (apple)
Kei’s Fruit Stool (papaya)
Kei’s Fruit Stool (watermelon)
Kei’s Frity Waffle Bed
Kei’s Cirtrus Bench
Kei’s Pineapple Lamp


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