#240 The Spirit Fox

The Spirit Fox

There’s another Gacha Event coming up on SL on June 3, Gami Gacha! So ready up as it will be amazing. Featuring greatest fantasy designers on SL! (All items are from the event. Except aisling)

Hair: [Mello] Andromeda – 05
Top & Bottom: .aisling. Lagun @ The Fantasy Collective

+ Kitsune Ears RARE + {aii}
+ Gold Magatama Halo + {aii}
+ Black Ribbon Gold Magatama Necklace + {aii}
+ Kitsune Foxfire Tail RARE + {aii}
+ Drunken Fox Sake + {aii}
+ Drunken Fox Sake + {aii}
+ Cell Shaded Rocks + {aii}
+ Tori Gate v2 (4Li) + {aii}
+ Tiny Spirit Houses (2Li) + {aii}


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