#248 A Blissful Thought

A Blissful Thought

Never thought of a blissful thought in a garden in the woods? I have mixed up old and new items from various second life events. Some other items might be available in their mainstores so click those colored words for a link to teleport!

Hair: *barberyumyum*61E (FAT)(bonus)
Outfit: Violent Seduction – Risa M. LARA (Pink) @ Kustom9
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Dauphine Heels (Pink) @ Kawaii Project

!IT! – Stellar Earrings RARE @ The Creativity Collective
lock&tuft – lunar choker @ The Creators Collective
02{Stillness} pergola flower .::Cubic cherry ::. RARE
04{Stillness} ladder flowers .::Cubic cherry ::.
02{Whimsical Garden} fluffy tree B .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
04{Whimsical Garden} bench silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
05{Stillness} flowerpot pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
11{Stillness} flowers pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
13{Stillness} flowers cream .::Cubic cherry ::.
15{Stillness} lil deiji pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
16{Stillness} lil deiji sky .::Cubic cherry ::.
17{Stillness} lil deiji cream .::Cubic cherry ::.


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