#259 On the Heat

On the Heat

Summer’s up, the sun kisses your skin and it’s so hot! Grab these hot deals from different events because you will be satisfied by their features. Chez Moi’s Bungalow Waves with regular and adult animations included. It’s really nice, I swear! Check the details below for more information.

Hair: Exile:: If Your Wild Blondes @ Collabor 88
Suit: Belle Epoque { Debbie } Color Stripes A @ SaNaRae

Pewpew! Visor Gold RARE @ The Chapter Four
OXIDE Braided Necklace @ SaNaRae
Bungalow Waves CHEZ MOI @ Mix Event
Pewpew! Nautic Chair – Red @ LTD


#257 Cool Pool Time

Cool Pool Time

A lot of events are still up and going. Don’t forget to visit them before the event ends! You don’t wanna miss this opportunity to collect all these stuff for your decoration in Secondlife. I hope you will enjoy this Blog of the day as I will post more in the next days!

Hair: Doe: Leah V2 – Fatpack @ The Gacha Guardians
Top & Bottom: *HolliPocket* Summer Catch (BLUEBERRY) @ The Gacha Guardians
Shoes: *Birth* Glam Heels (SlinkHighFeet) Rigged – Fatpack (HudDriven) @ The Gacha Guardians

The Annex – Tailgate Party – Canopy RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Open Cooler
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Smokey Joe RARE
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Lawn Chair
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Cat (RARE) @ The Gacha Guardians
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Dino (RARE)
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Grapefruit
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Pizza
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Spring St (don’t wear) @ The Gacha Guardians
(epia) – Outdoor Pool RARE
Teak Adirondack Summers Adult CHEZ MOI @ Buy Now Project


#255 Moon Bubbles

Moon Bubbles

Play with the moon bubbles I made, pop it and sugar rainbows appear in fade! Wear in pink and all the stars from me will wink. Day by day our avatars will remain cute it may. All these stuff are so cute, aren’t they? What are you waiting for? Check the details below!

Hair: [LCKY] Sugarmoon @ Crystal Heart Festival
Top: ERSCH – Das Meer Gacha (bra) 17 RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
Bottom: ERSCH – Das Meer Gacha (belt) 18 RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
Footwear: [BREATHE]-Astrea Boots-(Maitreya) @ Shiny Shabby

01{I see the stars} halo gold .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
04{I see the stars} jewel gold .::Cubic Cherry::.
07{I see the stars} trail A gold .::Cubic Cherry::.
07{I see the stars} trail B gold .::Cubic Cherry::.

15{I see the stars} eyes passion .::Cubic Cherry::.
Cae :: Summer :: Bracelet @ The Gacha Guardians

ERSCH – Das Meer (crown) 03 @ The Gacha Guardians
ERSCH – Das Meer (arm bracelet) 08
ERSCH – Das Meer (thigh bracelet) 14
lassitude & ennui 15. Angel kitteh RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
Tamagosenbei Foam Head Piece @ The Gacha Guardians
Tamagosenbei Bubble Dog
Tamagosenbei Pink Bubble Wand


#248 A Blissful Thought

A Blissful Thought

Never thought of a blissful thought in a garden in the woods? I have mixed up old and new items from various second life events. Some other items might be available in their mainstores so click those colored words for a link to teleport!

Hair: *barberyumyum*61E (FAT)(bonus)
Outfit: Violent Seduction – Risa M. LARA (Pink) @ Kustom9
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Dauphine Heels (Pink) @ Kawaii Project

!IT! – Stellar Earrings RARE @ The Creativity Collective
lock&tuft – lunar choker @ The Creators Collective
02{Stillness} pergola flower .::Cubic cherry ::. RARE
04{Stillness} ladder flowers .::Cubic cherry ::.
02{Whimsical Garden} fluffy tree B .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
04{Whimsical Garden} bench silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
05{Stillness} flowerpot pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
11{Stillness} flowers pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
13{Stillness} flowers cream .::Cubic cherry ::.
15{Stillness} lil deiji pink .::Cubic cherry ::.
16{Stillness} lil deiji sky .::Cubic cherry ::.
17{Stillness} lil deiji cream .::Cubic cherry ::.


#246 Weirdly Cute

Weirdly Cute

We all get to the point that where we are so becoming like a weirdo but still cute at heart. Gami Gacha is still on going and you never want to miss it! Grab all their stuff before it’s too late. All items shown are from the event except the hair. Check the details below for more information.

Hair: Moon. Hair // Sappy (Unrigged) – Pastels 01 @ The Arcade
Dress: *SL* Bettie Bloomers Dress Maitreya Lara – Sweet Lies 13 RARE
Shoes: Tamagosenbei– Pink Bear Geta

Tamagosenbei- Rigged Pink Bear Paws
Tamagosenbei- Balanced Eye Glasses
TABOU. Yuri Collar – Pink
*NW* Tenta Crown – Pink
*NW* Tentacle Chair – RARE
darkendStare. bat snacks – dipped wings [yumberry] RARE
darkendStare. bat snacks [bubblemint cone]


#245 Just a Little

Just a Little

Here I am posting another simple look of the day for you all. It’s a great day on SL to have a simple life starting with simple looks. (All items are from SaNaRae event except the shoes.)

Hair: *barberyumyum*53B(FAT)
Top & Bottom: ASO! T-shirt & Relax Jeans
Shoes: Essenz – Fiji (Maitreya) @ Tropical Summer

*Cila* Love me not collar Pink Flower RARE
:: N :: Alize Wicker Sofa, Dawn
!Six o’clock! Flowers Shelf
..::THOR::.. Wooden Stool Table
..::THOR::.. Ticket on a plate
..::THOR::.. Glass of Orange juice
..::THOR::.. Jug of Orange juice


#244 Dreaming Pinks

Dreaming Pinks

I don’t know why but Pink is just too attractive for us who love Kawaii stuff! Get yours now and I assure that you won’t regret it! You like Kawaii stuff? Make sure to check and list the details below!

Hair: [Mello] FishBone – Pales @ Gami Gacha
Dress: *SL* Bettie Bloomers Dress Maitreya Lara – Sweet Lies 14 RARE @ Gami Gacha
Shoes: *NW* Wish Stacks – Maitreya – @ SaNaRae

dubu.– Sakura Kitten Headband @ SaNaRae
ALTAIR* nyan choker .pink. @ SaNaRae
{ C } Nekomata Plush ~ COMMON- Cherry 1 @ Gami Gacha
BLACK HAUS – Cutie Cat Bow (Shoulder/Head) Tabby Pink 04 RARE @ Gotcha Gacha
.::DD::. Unicorn Beanbag Chair Pink RARE @ Gami Gacha
BananaN – Star Gacha (Old Gacha)
Star gacha Star rug
Star gacha Table RARE
Star gacha table lamp
Star gacha hourglass
Star gacha Moon seat RARE
Star gacha little table shelf
MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies Purple