#274 The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop

Well here it goes, your lovely sweet shop in Second Life. Make your dreams come true and decorate your secondlife bake shop or café. These amazing designer items are from the event, The Gacha Garden. Yes! Every single bit of what I blogged in this post is from the event. (Except Meva & Frayed Knot) So grab them now as the seeds of inspirations will never work next round. For only 20 pulls, you will get a special prize from the Gacha Garden fairies!

Hair: Doe: April (solid) – Fatpack
Eyes: {DEMICORN} Fusion Eyes – Aquamarine SOI
Dress: S&P OF Dirndl maitreya RARE
Shoes: S&P Clogs maitreya sand

Meva Belly Store Sweets
S&P OF Collar sand (OC SIX)
S&P OF stockings maitreya cream

Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-3.Cupboard-brown-A
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate2-book&cake cafe-10.a- red bookcase
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-10.Bread basket Shelf-B
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-11.table
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-13.Chair
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-14.blackboard drawing
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate2-book&cake cafe-16.Book Tea table
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate2-book&cake cafe-18.Counter-b
*AF* Bagel Rack 1 – Plain
*AF* Bagel Rack 2 – Everything, Poppy, Asiago
*AF* Bagel Rack 3 – Oat, Cinnamon, Sesame
*AF* Bagel Bites – Seed of Inspiration
*AF* Bagel Board 1 – Farmhouse
*AF* Bagel Board 3 – BLTA
*AF* Bagel Board 4 – Cheesy Tom
*AF* Bagel Board 5 – Rasin Cream Cheese
*AF* Bagel Board 6 – Veggie
*AF* Bagel Sandwich Sign
*AF* Flour Sack Padded Crate
[n.i] letictocchoc RARE gears


#271 Fashion Weed Me

Fashion Weed Me

This is an extraordinary set from the Gacha Garden created by the 7 mad ravens designer. Fashion weed me and get high by the beach! This is totally perfect for your beach settings or scenes. All items are from the event.

Hair: Doe: Mango (solid) – Fatpack
Dress: *PROMAGIC* Gacha 4- Dress – RARE
Shoes: Essenz – Mexicali (Maitreya)

..::ILLI::.. Mocha Icecream Sunglasses
*PROMAGIC* Gacha 4- (3) Necklace- Gold- COMMON
*PROMAGIC* Gacha 4- (6) Watch-Grey- COMMON
*PROMAGIC* Gacha 4- (4)Bag-Black- COMMON
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Weed Stand RARE
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Cannabis Set 2
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Weed Sack Box
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Weed Neon RARE
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Large Cannabis
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Raven Papers
7mad;Ravens Weed Shop- Leaf Art


#263 Crimson Pleasure

Crimson Pleasure

Indulge with a sexy lifestyle on secondlife. Featuring the items from adult events that are still going on SL! Check out the details below for more information.

Hair: Doe: Miffy (TwoTone) – Candy RARE @ The Epiphany
Harness: Violent Seduction – Beast Harness (Red) @ ROMP
Top: Violent Seduction – Selene Bra LARA (Red)
Bottom: Violent Seduction – Selene Panties LARA (Red)
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Alexa Heels-(M) @ The Chapter Four

.aisling. Makeba {Style 2} – MAITREYA Lara – Size 1
{NO EVIL} Speak~ crimson .::Cubic Cherry::. @ ROMP
BellePoses – Bicht Money -Rug- DROP


#258 Cool it Up

Cool it Up

Today’s post is nothing special but just an ordinary look of the day which I hope that you will enjoy as the events go by and soon enough, there’s pretty many more events to come. All items are from SaNaRae event, except the hair.

Hair: Doe: Leah V1 – Fatpack @ The Gacha Guardians
Tattoo: PICHI – Butterflies Eye Tattoo (Maitreya Applier HUD)
Dress: *SL* Lorea Dress Maitreya Lara – Sweet Lies Original 11 RARE
Shoes: Essenz – Corsica (Maitreya)

Evermore. Moo Chan Milk STRAWBERRY
Elysium – pebblestones_small – brown granit
{Paper lanterns} pastel pack .::Cubic Cherry::.


#257 Cool Pool Time

Cool Pool Time

A lot of events are still up and going. Don’t forget to visit them before the event ends! You don’t wanna miss this opportunity to collect all these stuff for your decoration in Secondlife. I hope you will enjoy this Blog of the day as I will post more in the next days!

Hair: Doe: Leah V2 – Fatpack @ The Gacha Guardians
Top & Bottom: *HolliPocket* Summer Catch (BLUEBERRY) @ The Gacha Guardians
Shoes: *Birth* Glam Heels (SlinkHighFeet) Rigged – Fatpack (HudDriven) @ The Gacha Guardians

The Annex – Tailgate Party – Canopy RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Open Cooler
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Smokey Joe RARE
The Annex – Tailgate Party – Lawn Chair
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Cat (RARE) @ The Gacha Guardians
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Dino (RARE)
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Grapefruit
Little Llama – Fun Floaties – Pizza
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Spring St (don’t wear) @ The Gacha Guardians
(epia) – Outdoor Pool RARE
Teak Adirondack Summers Adult CHEZ MOI @ Buy Now Project


#227 The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer

Sometimes we think we are hungry in SL even though it’s a virtual world, but hey, satisfy your needs and grab all these stuff from The Gacha Garden event. You will never regret what you will get!

Hair: Doe: Plum (solid)
Bikini: [ parfait. ] Summer Fun Minikini .pinku shima. RARE NT

..::ILLI::.. Salmon Kitty Sunglasses
ToddleTeeZ – Pudding Cups – Delight RARE
ToddleTeeZ – Pudding Cups {Spoon} Adult
Kei’s Strawberry Bus Stop
Kei’s Fruit Table (apple)
Kei’s Fruit Stool (papaya)
Kei’s Fruit Stool (watermelon)
Kei’s Frity Waffle Bed
Kei’s Cirtrus Bench
Kei’s Pineapple Lamp