#300 Autumness


It’s another Autumn season for Secondlife, you gotta get ready what to wear, where to pose. Let us take time to shop at the latest venues on SL. You don’t wanna miss it for sure!

Hair: [DUE] Toy – Browns @ Kustom 9
Skin: Catwa Skin applier Peach Tone – Aiko (Enfer Sombre*) @ SaNaRae

Dress: ::Una:: Jane Dress Violet @ Tres Chic
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Camshaft Heels-(M) @ Shiny Shabby

Fountain Magnolia Fall CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic


#249 The Test Subject

The Test Subject

Are you a fan of high teach fashion? Geektopia is opening on June 19th! Be sure to be on time because who knows, the sim might be full because of these amazing accessories from the event! Check out the details below for more information!

Hair: [DUE] Ziwen V1 – Ombre 1 @ The Chapter Four
Dress: ALTAIR* ky seifuku .blue/black. -maitreya (exp)- NT @ Kawaii Project
Shoes: Essenz – Belgrade (Maitreya) @ Vintage Fair

darkendStare. cyberbunnie headset [white] (modded) @ Geektopia
*G-D* Keys Neclace (ten-key) RARE @ Geektopia
[CREATiCA] Ultimate Led Screens 1.0 @ Geektopia
[CREATiCA] Bllue Ball wear Me @ Geektopia
[CREATiCA] Cyber Magnetic Tail -Beta Ver1.1 @ Geektopia


#234 Dreamful


Make your dreams come true by making your own dream using this look of the day I have. It’s a bit kawaii-fantasy because of the nature and stuff which I love to do on about. So, enjoy this post!

Hair: [DUE] Xiaoyu – Pastel 6 @ TCF
Dress: ALTAIR* eilfie dress (pink) @ Kawaii Project
Shoes: Essenz – Salvador (All colors) Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby

.aisling. Nura Collar {Gems&Chains} @ The Fantasy Collective
*N*Rose Bouquet female PPL_C @ Creator’s Collection Box
*N*FAIRY BRANCH @ The Fantasy Collective
Mystical Tent (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ TCF


#210 Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

Here are some cute stuff for your Angelic theme Secondlife. Be like an Angel and feel the clouds up in the air. It is your chance to grab the stuff from different events before they are gone! Check out the details below for more information.

Hair: [DUE] ShuShu – Ombre 2
Outfit: Lushish Catz – Bella Angel – Lingerie
Shoes: Essenz – Cartagena (Maitreya) *GROUP GIFT* (350L$ Group Fee)

.aisling. Flora Headdress @ We <3 RP
BE { Itzel Gloves } White @ Dreams Event

.EMBW. Pastel Clouds @ Dreams Event


#207 The Monarch

The Monarch

There are many events in Secondlife! New, Old and upcoming! But these events are growing fast and you are becoming worried where to look for your needs. Check out below for the details for easy shopping.

Hair: [DUE] Delfin V1 – Pastel 4 @ The Chapter Four
Outfit: HoneyB’s .Druids.Armor.Light_Maitreya Combo Applier @ TTS

*N*Spring Small Flowers @ Dreams Event
*SL* Halldora Tiara 3 Gold – Sweet Lies Original @ TTS
BLACK HAUS – Butterflies 07 – RARE @ TTS
MOoH! Nose Yellow Swallowtail (Touch to animate) @ Dreams Event
MOoH! Monarch butterfly wings (Touch to animate) @ Dreams Event

Tamagosenbei Dreams @ Dreams Event
MOoH! Fairy in a jar 1 RARE @ Dreams Event


#162 Oh my Kinki!

Oh my Kinki!

Get ready for OMG Next Round! Oh my Gacha! We’re gonna get ready for another round! Event starts on January 10, 2016! There will be a lot of designers so expect to come early before the sim is full! (Event Location to be posted soon!)

Hair: [DUE] Jewell – Ombre 7 @ The Chapter Four
Suit: [trs] Cotton Jumpsuit . Red RARE (blogger) @ OMG
Shoes: MANIK QUEEN – Misguided Heels @ OMG

MANIK QUEEN – Guided To The Dark – Collar @ OMG
Pixel Geek – Paddle – Black @ OMG

Verocity – Sassy Chair 4 @ OMG


#133 The Angel’s Garden

The Angel's Garden

What more you can say with fantastic original mesh products from two types of events, namely Fantasy Gacha Carnival & The Gacha Garden? Both are Angelic themed events. You should grab them while it’s still available!

Hair: [DUE] Hephan @ FGC
FuubutsuDou Angel Bunny Set @ FGC
[FD] AngelBunny Apron [Bubble]
[FD] AngelBunny EarFlowers [L&R]
[FD] AngelBunny Ears
[FD] AngelBunny Shorts [Bubble]

15{Aerial} wings gold .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE @ FGC

Home & Deco:
01{Aerial} angel’s nest .::Cubic Cherry ::. ULTRARARE @ FGC
02{Aerial} floating tree .::Cubic Cherry ::. ULTRARARE @ FGC
03{Aerial} Stars in the bubble group1 yellow .::Cubic cherry::.
05{Aerial} Stars in the bubble group2 sky .::Cubic cherry::.
06{Aerial} Stars in the bubble group1 lilac .::Cubic cherry::.
11{Aerial} Rotating stars sky .::Cubic cherry::.
Kei’s Dollhouse Fairy Garden @ The Gacha Garden
Kei’s Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow
Kei’s Fairy Garden House
Kei’s Fairy Garden Boat Ride
Kei’s Fairy Garden Snails
Kei’s Fairy Garden Flowerpot Seat 1
Kei’s Fairy Garden Flowerpot Seat 2
Kei’s Fairy Garden Stone 1
Kei’s Fairy Garden Stone 2
Kei’s Fairy Garden Stone 3
Kei’s RC Fairy (purple)
Kei’s RC Fairy (yellow)
Kei’s RC Fairy (blue)