#288 Cosplay Break

Cosplay Break

Even cosplayers need a break! This post will be perfect for your slumber party ideas on SL. Check out these stuff from the Lost Junction coming at the Arcade Gacha of SL! You will also get a special prize for every 25 pulls. Collect them all and decorate your favorite slumber party. Some of these items in this post is not at the Arcade Gacha event but on other events. Check the details below for more information.

Hair: enVOGUE – HAIR Ashley – Light Browns *NEW RELEASE*
Outfit: [2]“mignon.” -Siamese. outfit&arm [Maitreya] fat RARE @ SaNaRae
Shoes: [4]”mignon.” -Siamese. boots [Maitreya] fat RARE @ SaNaRae

[3]”mignon.” -Siamese. nekomimi [Maitreya] fat RARE @ SaNaRae
[3]”mignon.” -Siamese. garter [Maitreya] fat RARE @ SaNaRae

[P] Pillows, Ruffle Lux: Bed (Adult & PG Version) @ SaNaRae
[P} Pillows, Ruffle Lux: Wall Canopy @ SaNaRae
[LJ] Slumber Party @ The Arcade Gacha
[LJ] Slumber Party – Slumbervision – Horror – RARE
[LJ] Slumber Party – Slumbervision – SciFi – RARE
[LJ] Slumber Party – Slumbervision – 80’s – RARE
[LJ] Slumber Party – Slumbervision Videos – Horror RARE
[LJ] Slumber Party – Soda Tray – Kawaii Kola
[LJ] Slumber Party – Cool Shades Party Favors
[LJ] Slumber Party – Slumbervision VHS – 80s RARE
[LJ] Slumber Party – Horror Cupcakes
[LJ] Slumber Party – SciFi Cupcakes
[LJ] Slumber Party – Tahiti Punch Bottle (extra)
[LJ] Slumber Party – Soda Tray – Tahiti Punch
[LJ] Slumber Party – Tahiti Punch Cup (extra)
[LJ] Chipsters – Senoreata – Blue (rez) RARE
[LJ] Chipsters – Puffs – Dragon Hot (rez) RARE
[LJ] Chipsters – Chippers – Pizza (rez)
[LJ] Chipsters – Chippers – Sea Salt & Pepper (rez) REWARD
[LJ] Slumber Party – Lugosi Pizza, Boxed
[LJ] Slumber Party – Pizza Slice (extra)
[LJ] Slumber Party – Sleeping Bag – Solids
[LJ] Slumber Party – Cheezy Corn
[LJ] Slumber Party – Caramel Corn
[LJ] Slumber Party – Popcorn
[LJ] Slumber Party – MTN Buzz Cup (extra)
[LJ] Slumber Party – Horror Cupcake (extra)
[LJ] Slumber Party – Pillow (extra)
[LJ] Slumber Party – Pillow Pile (Arcade Exclusive Bonus)
[CIRCA] – “Festival Light Art” – Flower Burst – Violet @ SaNaRae
[CIRCA] – “Festival Light Art” – Spin Burst – Violet
[CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Strings – Pastel
[CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Star Cloud – Pastels (glitter)



#237 Beat the Summer

Beat The Summer

We always want to beat the summer out of Secondlife! Grab your goodies coming this June 1st, as The Arcade Gacha Opens again. And don’t forget to visit other events too!

Hair: Doe: Emerson (TwoTone) – Blondes
Top & Bottom: ALTAIR* freya bikini .angelic.  @ Whimsical


[LJ] Surfy Snacks (Various) @ The Arcade Gacha

[LJ] Surfy Snacks Gacha Key


#206 The Student Merchant

The Student Merchant

SaNaRae is still on going and you don’t wanna miss it! So as the Gacha Guardians, which is a new event for your gachaddictions! Get the details below and start shopping!

Hair: Love – Love Myself – Coffee ; GACHA @ SaNaRae
Dress: {Lyrical} Magical Uniform Robes – Red @ SaNaRae

*Cila*Procyonlotor Doll Head RARE @ SaNaRae

[LJ] Mercantile – Bloggers & Buddies @ The Gacha Guardians


#198 The Kawaii Bartender

The Kawaii Bartender

Yes! A Kawaii Bartender exists! Ready up as SaNaRae event will be open tomorrow March 25, 2016! It’s gonna be dreamy and fantastic with lots of light colored themed products. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you won’t miss the event.

Hair: [Atomic] Gacha // Harajuku Me // Bunny – Electric @ The Arcade
Skin: { more more } cindy Skin tone 2-2 @ SaNaRae
Dress: -Nomi-Small Animal Dress-Bunny- RARE @ SaNaRae
Shoes: Mikunch Low Heeled ODEKO (s) Fat Pack @ SaNaRae

“mignon.” -cat toy watch. RARE @ SaNaRae

[LJ] Mayview Bar – Counter (1LI) @ SaNaRae
[LJ] Mayview Bar – Stool (1LI) @ SaNaRae


#190 Cool & Fresh

Cool & Fresh

Get fresh and cool, Grab an Ice Drop, Sip your lemonade, eat fresh fruits, live a healthy lifestyle! Get these stuff I have from the different new and old events that are still running. Details below.

Hair: Stealthic– Vanity 2 @ SaNaRae
Dress: Storybook – Primp – Peach (Maitreya) @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Garbaggio // Way Pumps II (Maitreya) – Nude @ SaNaRae

Pose: BellePoses – Ice Pop Girl 3 @ Pose Lover
.::: NEW Chez Moi :::. THE LemonadeBooth *Group Gift*

[LJ] Fruit Stand @ The Arcade
[LJ] Fruit Stand #01 – Fruit Cart RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #02 – Hanging Sign RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #02 – Sandwich Board RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #03 – Mangoes
[LJ] Fruit Stand #04 – Oranges
[LJ] Fruit Stand #05 – Grapefruit
[LJ] Fruit Stand #06 – Peaches
[LJ] Fruit Stand #07 – Plums
[LJ] Fruit Stand #08 – Limes
[LJ] Fruit Stand #09 – Lemons
[LJ] Fruit Stand #10 – Tangerines
[LJ] Fruit Stand #11 – Strawberries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #12 – Cherries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #13 – Blueberries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #14 – Blackberries

Pewpew! Baby Dinos @ SaNaRae
Pewpew! Messenger Beige – Baby Dino RARE
Pewpew! Miss Dino – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Firewax – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Nerd Pink – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Gaga Peach – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Fairy – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Warrior Beige – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Warrior Blue – Baby Dino


#176 My Baelentines Day

My Baelentines

My Bae-by

Many of us or most of us spend valentines day with our other halves, but hey, when you have a kid, you can take them out on a sweets party! Here is another blog post of sweetness overload for you from the event The Gacha Garden!
(All Items are from the event except; The Blossom & Tee*fy)

Hair: Doe: Tang (solid)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Vale~ Grey Eyes RARE
Eye Shadows: !Musa! Eyeshadow Chloe Purple-Orange(Rare)
Top: *HolliPocket* Croppy Top-Maitreya
Bottom: .Sushi. Team Feline – Leggings – Mait/Default Fitted
Shoes: Essenz – Maine (Maitreya)

Head: BadSeed – Bebe – Cry
Outfit: The Blossom – Halcyon Outfit
Hair: Ayashi – Akemi – Blonde Set
Glasses: Tee*fy – BearyBeary Glasses – Polar Bear

Day Dreamer – Sweets Galore Gacha
Day Dreamer – Sweets Buffet Table
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #01 – Koalaity Balloon Bouquet RARE
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #02 – Soda Pop Tub RARE
[LJ] Sweethearty Party SOI – Chocolate Fountain – Dark
[LJ] Sweethearty Party SOI – Chocolate Fountain – Milk
[LJ] Sweethearty Party SOI – Chocolate Fountain – White
[LJ] Sweethearty Party SOI – Fruity Skewers
[LJ] Sweethearty Party SOI – Marshmallow Skewers
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #03 – Cake Pops
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #04 – Love Lollis
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #05 – Kissy Pops
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #07 – Mailbox – Conversation Hearts
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #08 – Mailbox – Fortune Cookies
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #09 – Mailbox – XOXO Gummies
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #10 – Tasty Cakes
*:..Silvery K..:*Garden party(Cake)RARE


#172 School Time

School Time

I hear the bells at school, prep up and grab your needs at the SaNaRae event! Check out these sChOOL stuff from the event. Yes, s-C-h-OOL stuff. School is so Cool! Check the details below!

Hair: [Mello] Puppy Love FullAccess RARE!
Dress: something. sailor school uniform_RARE 01
Shoes: {Livalle} Pamela -Platform MaryJanes- Black Heart

Anachron – Sour Heart Purse – XXX White RARE
[LJ] My Mousie Buddie – Tawny – Hold

[La Baguette] Dehanche pose 4