#259 On the Heat

On the Heat

Summer’s up, the sun kisses your skin and it’s so hot! Grab these hot deals from different events because you will be satisfied by their features. Chez Moi’s Bungalow Waves with regular and adult animations included. It’s really nice, I swear! Check the details below for more information.

Hair: Exile:: If Your Wild Blondes @ Collabor 88
Suit: Belle Epoque { Debbie } Color Stripes A @ SaNaRae

Pewpew! Visor Gold RARE @ The Chapter Four
OXIDE Braided Necklace @ SaNaRae
Bungalow Waves CHEZ MOI @ Mix Event
Pewpew! Nautic Chair – Red @ LTD


#251 The Secretive

The Secretive

Come and get these amazing stuff coming out soon, get your own perfect hideout home which is new from PewPew Designs! Sometimes we want to have a get away simple hideout for your secret lairs. Mhmm! I know you want to get ’em. Check out the details below:

Hair: VALLANI. Perry Hair Fitted Large @ SaNaRae
Dress: Storybook – Minx – Pure – Lara @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Damira Heels-(M)

Pewpew! Abandoned Outpost (resizer with ground) @ LTD
Serenity Style – Coquette Wardrobe @ SaNaRae
Serenity Style – Coquette Hanger
Serenity Style – Coquette Box Cream
:: N :: Alize Lounge Chair, Natural @ SaNaRae


#247 Vintaged Love

Vintaged Love

Looking for a perfect corset fit? How about you try one of Secondlife Designer Aisling’s amazing creation that’s available at the Vintage Fair? Grab it while it’s hot! It comes with a hud so you can combine the colors.
Adding all to the background, the good stuff you need to spice up your life. Check the details below for more information.

Hair: Exile::Go: 17. Fantasy 2 @ The Arcade
Outfit: aisling– Vintage Fair – Tonya @ Vintage Fair
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Evelyn Heels @ The Chapter Four

.aisling. Zryss F *SLB13 Gift*
Serenity Style– Wally Bed @ SaNaRae
Frame Youth 2 CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
Tassled Rug CHEZ MOI
Serenity Style- Good Morning frames
Pewpew! Wardrobe Hideout – Gray (linked/no script)
Pewpew! Sparrow Cage White
Pewpew! Sparrow Birds


#200 Swinging Peacefully

Swinging Peacefully

SaNaRae event is growing big and the designers are becoming more artistic. There are many designers joined the event as well. Don’t miss this event because it’s already the 7th round! Check out all these items belonging from the event.

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Maemi hair-fatpack
Skin: Skin Peach tone – Momo – Pink lips (Enfer Sombre*)
Dress: ***Ambrosia***Ribbon Tunic Dress[RARE2] sizeXXS
Shoes: {amiable}Glitter & Bow Flat Shoes w/ Socks(Rigged)_S-M(FAT)

Pewpew! Rusty Swing Old (Scripted) 1
Serenity Style– Rusty Birdhouse Grey


#190 Cool & Fresh

Cool & Fresh

Get fresh and cool, Grab an Ice Drop, Sip your lemonade, eat fresh fruits, live a healthy lifestyle! Get these stuff I have from the different new and old events that are still running. Details below.

Hair: Stealthic– Vanity 2 @ SaNaRae
Dress: Storybook – Primp – Peach (Maitreya) @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Garbaggio // Way Pumps II (Maitreya) – Nude @ SaNaRae

Pose: BellePoses – Ice Pop Girl 3 @ Pose Lover
.::: NEW Chez Moi :::. THE LemonadeBooth *Group Gift*

[LJ] Fruit Stand @ The Arcade
[LJ] Fruit Stand #01 – Fruit Cart RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #02 – Hanging Sign RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #02 – Sandwich Board RARE
[LJ] Fruit Stand #03 – Mangoes
[LJ] Fruit Stand #04 – Oranges
[LJ] Fruit Stand #05 – Grapefruit
[LJ] Fruit Stand #06 – Peaches
[LJ] Fruit Stand #07 – Plums
[LJ] Fruit Stand #08 – Limes
[LJ] Fruit Stand #09 – Lemons
[LJ] Fruit Stand #10 – Tangerines
[LJ] Fruit Stand #11 – Strawberries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #12 – Cherries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #13 – Blueberries
[LJ] Fruit Stand #14 – Blackberries

Pewpew! Baby Dinos @ SaNaRae
Pewpew! Messenger Beige – Baby Dino RARE
Pewpew! Miss Dino – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Firewax – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Nerd Pink – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Gaga Peach – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Fairy – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Warrior Beige – Baby Dino
Pewpew! Warrior Blue – Baby Dino


#178 Selfie Diva

Selfie Diva

We still take selfies today and more and more people are doing it. Check out the selfie backdrops from RAMA available at the gacha garden! As well as the stuff what I have right now, don’t miss it!

Hair: pr!tty – Mayberry – {resize} @ The Chapter Four
Dress: {Lyrical) Lola Dress (ADULT) PINK @ The Gacha Garden
Shoes: i { DH } Adeline Dollie Platforms *Candy Apple* (Maitreya)

Pewpew! Cookies Hat
Pure Poison – “C” Love Collar @ The Gacha Garden
{N} Red Panda Camera @ The Gacha Garden

Deco: (All from The Gacha Garden)
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Pink Studio
{N} Red Panda Photo Frame
Kaleidoscope – Diva Desk
Kaleidoscope – White Chair
Kaleidoscope – Desk Diva File Box
Kaleidoscope – Desk Diva Trinket Box
Kaleidoscope – Diva Marquee
Kaleidoscope – Diva Rug
Kaleidoscope – Desk Diva Poster
Kalopsia – Tainted Palm – Pink RARE


#159 A Happy Family

A Happy Family

You want have a cute decoration at your SL Home outdoor or indoor? Get this gacha set from PewPew! It’s available at Shiny Shabby! Tell stories in Secondlife by using these cute items. Snap, re-create, write, and upload!

Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 @ Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Open Box House
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Window “Snow Tempest” RARE
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Window “Daydream” RARE
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Peter “On Duty” RARE
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – “Memory” Frames
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Cardboard Clock & Plans
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Used Sofa
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – John “Run for Hugs”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Mary “Aw”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Noa Push Chair
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Noa “Happiness”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Carton Builder Kit Stack
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – John Work Desk
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Kyle “Surprised”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Woof “Not Happy”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Jade “Happiness” RARE
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Luke “Look Around”
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 – Bicycle Vintage