#254 Goddess of Meditation

Goddess of Meditation

When we meditate, we experience the other feelings we haven’t felt. Like becoming a Goddess in secondlife. It’s like delusion but in SL you can be anything, more events coming up on secondlife, so don’t miss every detail mentioned! (Sorry for late posts. I am half-back to blogging due to RL issues to cope up.)

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mili hair-Fatpack(resize) @ The Gacha Guardians
Eyes: NINI:3 Miku Eyes Gacha RARE @ SaNaRae
Body Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Lostnature Tattoo @ SaNaRae
Outfit (set): .aisling. Ignis Set @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: Essenz – Boa Vista (Maitreya) @ The Gacha Guardians

BackBone Guardian of Eternity Crown RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
[Since1975]-Septum’Gacha/Gold-RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
{-MK+tomoto,-} Senju-26 Gold (wear/4Li) @ SaNaRae
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Triptichon Buddha @ The Gacha Guardians
*N* – Queen of the Night @ The Fantasy Collective

shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Paravent
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Tapestry 01
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Tapestry 03
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Yoga Mat orange
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Bamboo
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Head of Buddha
shine by [ZD] EASE OF MIND* Meditation Incense


#251 The Secretive

The Secretive

Come and get these amazing stuff coming out soon, get your own perfect hideout home which is new from PewPew Designs! Sometimes we want to have a get away simple hideout for your secret lairs. Mhmm! I know you want to get ’em. Check out the details below:

Hair: VALLANI. Perry Hair Fitted Large @ SaNaRae
Dress: Storybook – Minx – Pure – Lara @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Damira Heels-(M)

Pewpew! Abandoned Outpost (resizer with ground) @ LTD
Serenity Style – Coquette Wardrobe @ SaNaRae
Serenity Style – Coquette Hanger
Serenity Style – Coquette Box Cream
:: N :: Alize Lounge Chair, Natural @ SaNaRae


#240 The Spirit Fox

The Spirit Fox

There’s another Gacha Event coming up on SL on June 3, Gami Gacha! So ready up as it will be amazing. Featuring greatest fantasy designers on SL! (All items are from the event. Except aisling)

Hair: [Mello] Andromeda – 05
Top & Bottom: .aisling. Lagun @ The Fantasy Collective

+ Kitsune Ears RARE + {aii}
+ Gold Magatama Halo + {aii}
+ Black Ribbon Gold Magatama Necklace + {aii}
+ Kitsune Foxfire Tail RARE + {aii}
+ Drunken Fox Sake + {aii}
+ Drunken Fox Sake + {aii}
+ Cell Shaded Rocks + {aii}
+ Tori Gate v2 (4Li) + {aii}
+ Tiny Spirit Houses (2Li) + {aii}


#234 Dreamful


Make your dreams come true by making your own dream using this look of the day I have. It’s a bit kawaii-fantasy because of the nature and stuff which I love to do on about. So, enjoy this post!

Hair: [DUE] Xiaoyu – Pastel 6 @ TCF
Dress: ALTAIR* eilfie dress (pink) @ Kawaii Project
Shoes: Essenz – Salvador (All colors) Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby

.aisling. Nura Collar {Gems&Chains} @ The Fantasy Collective
*N*Rose Bouquet female PPL_C @ Creator’s Collection Box
*N*FAIRY BRANCH @ The Fantasy Collective
Mystical Tent (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ TCF


#205 The Dryad

The Dryad

Have you been to Totally Top Shelf and Dreams? Check out the details below and become a Dryad like me!

Hair: *C* Thora @ TTS
Face Tattoo: Stix ~ Viking 3 BLACK @ TTS
Tattoo: [Demonic] Sigyn Tattoo – Maitreya HUD Bloggers @ TTS
Top & Bottom: Storybook – Aries @ TFC
Footwear: Bliensen + MaiTai – Haithabu F – Maitreya – brown/gold @ TTS

~Tantalum~ Flidas Headpiece 1 @ TTS

Dreams Pose 4 – Label Motion @ Dreams Event

:::Breath:::spring dream gacha(b pack) @ Dreams Event


#201 A Little Punked

A Little Punked

Get ready for more events in Secondlife as it grows more, you’re going to have to shop more and read more of the blogs in SL for your quick look book!

Hair: .EMBW. Faelwen hair @ TFC
Dress: Storybook – Banter @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Promagic Rare @ SaNaRae

Nod Hill Home Office CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic